The Best Zombie/Necro Sex Scenes

There are hundreds of zombie and necrophilia sex scenes out there, but, these are from actual films, not pornos, and I’ve listed them because there’s not just graphic nudity, –there’s graphic gore. And not so much graphic gore, as just graphic corpse-y grossness.

Dead Alive (1992) – This zombie sex scene was hilarious, and disgusting. The zombies were frigging eating each other and going at it at the same time. And it’s even more gross and funny because the zombies were… dun dun dun… old people! Ew! It gave a whole new meaning to “sucking face”, and it makes you cringe when you see old couples together in public. Because you know, this is probably what it looks like when they get frisky.

Aftermath (1994) – It’s a short that involves some seriously gorey scenes of what goes on in morgues… well, at least one morgue where a really wheezy, hairy Spanish guy works. Barf-o-rama. This is neither funny, nor arousing. It’s just gore on top of gore, and it’s not even good gore. It just illustrates, for the most part, that no one should ever be left alone with a dead body.

Deadgirl (2008) – Not really funny, so much as tragic. Deadgirl is a… dead girl… but still mobile, and unable to die. And thus, clearly a zombie. The film illustrates just how cruel teenage boys can be to the undead, and like any sexually deprived group of juveniles, they end up having sex with her.

Trapped Ashes (2006) – A horror anthology that will probably make you gag at some point, whether it’s from the sheer cheesiness, or during the tapeworm story. There is one point where one of the storytellers has a fantasy that involves having sex with a rapidly decomposing Japanese priest, –a zombie, at least, he looks like one, what with being dead and pretty energetic at the same time. It’s pretty disgusting, and honestly, it’s funny because she seems to really enjoy fingering his oozing face.

Nekromantik (1987) – Possibly one of my very frst “most disturbing movie ever”s, –the film’s necrophilia climax is when a perfectly normal looking, extremely hot, naked chick jams a severed table leg into the groin-region of a corpse that looks like it’s a few years (with very hot summers) old, throws a condom on it, and gets on for a round of Ride the Slimy Cadaver. Not for the weak of stomach, –especially when she sucks out the eyeball.

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