Zombie Porn

Zombie Porn; Why Does it Exist?

There are few theories about the existence of this genre of pornography; but first and foremost, it exists because there’s a market for it. Like any other trend, people that pay for it make it happen. A Less Illegal Form of Necrophilic Fun This is a possibility, but is zombie porn necrophilic? In a way, […]

The Best Zombie/Necro Sex Scenes

There are hundreds of zombie and necrophilia sex scenes out there, but, these are from actual films, not pornos, and I’ve listed them because there’s not just graphic nudity, –there’s graphic gore. And not so much graphic gore, as just graphic corpse-y grossness. Dead Alive (1992) – This zombie sex scene was hilarious, and disgusting. […]

Zombie Porn Movies

They do actually exist. And no, I’m not talking about scenes where a zombie and another zombie just end up doing it, or necrophilia that takes place in horror. I mean full on hardcore zombie sex, packaged and sold as zombie porn. It ranges from gorey to ridiculous to dirty (as in, people coated in […]

Zombie Sex Advice and Turn-Ons!

Well, we all know that some of you freaks out there wanna see zombies …you know… do it, but what are zombies turned on by? I’ve always wondered, and in the spirit of the incredibly bad sex advice found in women’s mags (true story; one article advised ‘gently’ biting the scrotum), we’ve come up with […]

Great Zombie Porn Sites

Just think, when you first stumbled across this site, you were a newbie; you learned about where zombie porn comes from, some of the best movies to watch containing zombie porn, or necrophilia, and some of the best moments of zombie sex and necrophilia in (sorta) mainstream cinema. You just learned about how to successful […]

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